About Us

Pet University, otherwise known as PetU, serves as a resource for everything dog related that can improve the bond between owners and their K9 companions. Our family owned company is built on our "extended family" of satisfied clients who can't wait to go out and enjoy life's activities with their dogs.


Angela Trzcinski

Angela works in every aspect of the business at PetU to make sure that "K9 Higher Education" shows through to the PetU family every day. She works hard to help every dog and owner be the best team they can be.
Angela has a passion for educating people about proper dog nutrition and safe dog toys, making sure the campus stores are stocked with only the items she personally recommends.

Mission Statement
PetU is a family-owned, K9 Higher Education facility that offers dog training, daycare, boarding grooming and a campus store - all with education at the core.
We provide a solid foundation of training , socialization and nutrition to help dogs and their owners be the best team they can be.
Our knowledgeable, courteous staff embrace a commitment to excellence in K9 Education. We take pride in maintaining a safe, healthy, clean and FUN environment.