Not Your Average Doggy Daycare

PetU was founded on K9 Education, and that extends in to everything we do.
Did you know about 80% of most dogs' behavioral problems are due to lack of socialization and exercise?

That's why we offer Phys Ed, better known as Doggy Daycare. Our Phys Ed class is an extension of our training program, whether your dog is enrolled in other training or not. At PetU, our expertly trained staff takes playtime and makes it learning time too!

Our goal is to provide fun and exercise, while staying true to our training core and reinforcing good manners throughout the day with every dog.

Dogs love to spend the day at PetU and explore our indoor/outdoor facility. We offer an exciting day filled with catch, pool time during the summer, lots of cuddle time, and a large backyard to run and play.

No need to feel guilty about being busy or working late. You aren't sending your dog off to just any day care! Your dog will socialize while you are at work, and when you pick him up he will be mentally and physically exercised. After a full day of daycare your pup will be content and less likely to dig up the backyard or chew up your favorite shoes.

Rates start as low as $17.00 per half day and $28.00 for full day.
Choose 1-5 days per week. Pay weekly, monthly or by the trimester.
Family Discounts Available
Monday-Friday 6:30am-7pm at all three locations.
Saturday 8am-4pm at Racine location only.